Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm feeling so insecure in this place called KL..

Meaningless, emptiness... Fear attacks me everytime when I'm weak. I woke up with super fast heart beat these days, trying to figure out what happened in my dream but cant recall. Juz bad feelings..

I get so lost when I think of the reasons that bring two ppl together. The meaning has been forgotten and the feeling fade away.. Tried to make things better but it get worse, coz of me apparently. I'm not an easy-going person, not even to live together with someone, not tolerance at all. I would exaggerate things coz I'm putting too much attention and care on it. Unless I ignore everything and what is the purpose to be together? Finally, I'm back to the same conclusion, I'm never good in manage a relationship.

Totally lost

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday =)

So, I'm officially 23rd ..

Have been planning to celebrate my birthday at the place where I belong to, and I was back on Friday.

Went to Auto City with Zoe, Mango and others on my birthday eve =)

Before that, make up ourselves at Zoe's house. She passed me the gift that I have been waiting for.. After removing layer and layersss of wrapping papers, I was so surprised of the present =D

Before our drinking session at Tao, Zoe and I went for dinner at Sakae @ Auto City, that was my first time there. Nice environment, a very suitable place for our dinner. And then games and beers at Tao.. I had my wishes with the special cake prepared by Zoe. And then we went to Fuel too.. Felt myself really older till not really adapt to that "clubbing" feel there. We juz sat there and still, games and alcohol. Happenning nite with them, I was happy, hope they were, too =)

Woould like to express my thankssss to my dear fren-- Zoe, for that nite, everything... The gift and cake and the activities, juz as wat I like~ Remember our song 一个像夏天 一个像秋天. You are really the one who understands me the most.. Love you.. Muacksss.. Besides, of coz I wana thank my dear Mango, coz u will kill me if I don't =p Thank you for leaving your baby Amson and come for my bday celebration, thanks to your husband who accompany along too.. Thanks for your time... And Mr Eric, thanks and sorry if I created any problem to you...

Went back on the next day, my birthday.. Celebrate at home with my dearest family =D
Mum and grandma cooked delicious dinner and we had sweet moments at home. Ohoh.. I got very cute present from him too =) Thank you for coming, know you're busy and pressured with work and assignments... Jia You !

Feeling so contended, I had my beloved ones with me for this years' birthday. Ok... I should enjoy my home sweet home time now.. Gd nite~

Sunday, October 24, 2010





Friday, October 22, 2010

Special no more

So happen that a little thing has spoiled my night.

Something I thought to be very important and special but it was just forgotten at all. I'm so upset to feel that my effort is not appreciated, on this so called "nothing special".

Wondering why am I always the one who pays extra care and eventually disappoint myself. Arghhhh........ Why shud I being so frustrated?

Go away this silly feeling! I won't give a shit anymore

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy *1014*

It’s a special day today *1014*. Happy Birthday to my dear boy friend XD

This year isn’t that surprising but hoping he would love my arrangement.

Happy Birthday ♥ Happy Always

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm trying and doing my best to go through.. It is so torturing but I know I'm heading to a better future...

Jia you LimJiaYing... Fight the fear!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's been the toughest time I ever had these days...

I'm not the one I used to be, being surrounded with fear and pressures every single second. Back to the root, it's all because of my new job role. There are so much to catch up but the volume of work doesn't give me the chance to learn step by step. It keeps coming and accumulating. I can't breath!

I myself and people around tell me not to push myself so hard, but it's hard to control my emotion. Couldn't sleep well, work request flooded my mind. In fact I didn't really have rest. And, I know there was someone suffering like me. Thank you for the patient and care, and thank you for always be there when I really need you.

It's Friday now, time to relax. I guess I never come through this tough situation and as you said, it's a good experience. I would try my best to go through this hard time, like everyone did =)

By the way, I really miss YOU, my dear family...

Monday, August 9, 2010


How to change a person's feeling by juz telling him / her: "please don't feel that way"?

I wonder am I too emotional or self-indulgence drives me towards this difficult situation. I tried not to be so sensitive and emotional but indeed this is me! Can anyone tell me if he or she could not accept this part of me instead of feeling uncomfortable being with me? I wouldn't hope the closest one trying to keep a secret thought about me just to make the physical seems great. It is anyway dishonesty to me.

I used to have my very strong principle and thus my emotional expression is strong too. However I'm trying to be calm, or "pretending to be", yet my principle stays- against any dishonesty in any kind of relationship.

Once it's broken, trust fades, relationship breaks.

Thursday, July 29, 2010







Sunday, June 27, 2010







Tuesday, June 22, 2010



第一天到家就去外婆家,姨丈准备了很丰富的晚餐,少不了我最爱的螃蟹。外婆裹了很多粽子,特地留了很多个给我,是天下最好吃的 =)

这个父亲节,我准备了nasi lemak晚餐,虽然不是很成功,也没亲口跟爸爸说声“父亲节快乐”,但是希望他感受到。我,遗传了爸爸大部分的性格,急性子,注重时间观念,还有不善于表达。。。听到妈妈要动手术,其实很担心,可是总在心里告诉自己,只是小手术,只是小事。。。


我的家人们,你们再这样溺爱我,我真的会被宠坏,还有那永远都痊愈不了的“homesick”。不过。。。这样很好 =)

Monday, June 21, 2010








Friday, June 11, 2010

Recharge !!!

Working now at Starbucks @ The Garden now...

Fetched my dear FangFang from LCCT last nite, she arrived quite late at 12am, and I ady planned to work from home today. And today, she was gonna come to Mid Valley, I decided to drive her here, and work here after our lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

Feeling de-motivated lately, as wat we were told when first join this company, we will be feeling "stupid" and meaningless for our first 6 months of work there. This is so true!! But, there is one more dissatisfaction other than the boring tasks... This sometimes makes me feel like going back to Welly, the beautiful and peace place...

I wish so much to get a master degree if I could. I wish to be unique and significant, currently I can't see the opportunity. I am so clear that I shud eliminate these bad feelings and make a motivation for me to move on. Being too aggressive isn't a good thing sometimes. I need more patience I think. I need higher EQ too.

It's time to adjust my thought and mind set, this weekends will be a happening one. Recharge and go go go !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mama~

Was so tired after a few days escape from this busy city..

Spending my lovely moments at home sweet home last weekends, celebrating Papa's birthday and early birthday for Mama, too. Papa gave me a kiss when I gave him the birthday present, I remember I was in primary school when he last kissed me before this. SweEt.. Thank you Papa ♥

Mama cooked me her special vege porridge, my favourite. I was surprised when she told me that she was gonna cook this as I've been thinking of eating this when going home! Thank you Mama ♥

At the same time, I treated Grandma and Aunty's family a dinner as I get salary from my first formal job. Grandma specially made me "bak zhang", it is always my favorite one from early childhood, the very familiar and best taste ever. Thank you Popo ♥

My sister, was the one sticking with me all the time. I do hope to bring you over and play around, will be one day, ok? Miss you~

I realized I would only have limited time to stay home as I started to work in a different city. What a sad reality. When first came back here from home, I couldn't sleep well... Homesick... I gotta adapt anyway, recharged and move on!

How I wish I could spend my time with my family all the time. People, you may not feel so, but do appreciate the time you have with your family.

AND, today is a very special day... Happy Birthday to my dearest Mama!!! Wishing you healthy,happy, pretty and young!!! Love you~~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let GO ... Bad Night

Dreamssss surrounding my sleep last night, bad night. Plus huge traffic jam in the morning, I'm totally exhausted now.

It's my own problem indeed, I knew, I understood. It has been happening last year, perhaps ending now. Sensitive me is the main cause of my bad night.

Let it go, and it wouldn't affect u anyway then. Telling myself,don't get stuck with something meaningless..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Juz got informed that Mango (my ex roomate + ji mui) is going to hospital as she will deliver her baby boy soon~

Feeling excited for her, knowing that she is so afraid of pain, anyway she has to go through, be tough! It's such an important stage of her life. Such a mix of feeling, I've never been through the process, so curious and glad to see her going through all these to be a "woman". Lol... I know she will be a great mom ♥

Lately, seeing touching stories of people,proposal, wedding, giving birth and there is still a long long way to go on together... How lucky for a pair of couple and a family to share their lives like this. But, there are sad stories tho.. How would people forget those precious time when things change over time, in fact people change.. I would have tried to cherish every story of mine, and yours-- my love ones. Hope you do, too.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I hope ♥

I hope I can....

I hope I can be a Professional in my future career~

I hope I can get an Accounting or Finance professional qualification in these 2 years~

I hope I can clear my study loan very soon~

I hope I can have my own car and dream house soon~

I hope to get a new phone~ iphone?

I hope to be slimmer and prettier =P

I hope to be happy everyday, with my love ones ♥


Monday, March 22, 2010


Everything has been going smooth since started working, colleagues and environment seem not bad.

Just... Feeling depressed after something happened this weekend, I got summon of parking beside the road outside the condo I stay. Feeling unsecured to stay alone. I hate the feeling of being alone, frens are around but not "ready" to be aside you anytime. Everyone is busy, has their own businesses. KL isn't big, but to meet up someone just a few km from you isn't easy at all.

Booked flight ticket to go home this end of April, alone. Although we have promised that he would accompany me home whenever possible, I now totally understand the meaning of "reality". There were promises, but when we come to reality, there is no excuse. Blame no one.

Being emo as I feel the reality. Life starts going on as routine but how I wish we could make some days special, instead of loosing the passion in something you did care so much before...

I believe in, life isn't a process to follow, but to CrEaTe.. Do you?

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Life


I'm now in my very brand new life in PJ, Selangor. Working as a Financial Analyst in IBM.

It's juz the first week of my working life. Nothing much to mention about my job, coz i haven't got anything to do. I end up sitting the whole day reading some common documents as the whole department is busy during this closing period.

If I was asked about my feeling of joining the company and my team, I should say I'm lucky so far. It is the environment that I've been looking for, diversified and demanding work, bring good culture, while people are quite friendly. These make me happy and excited to get into my job role.

At the same time, it means a life that I really start by myself, apart from my beloved family. Feeling strange, seems like I'm gonna be apart with my family from now on. I'm a seriously homesick person indeed. Anyway, I will work towards my goal! And also, I will be home anytime when possible!

Miss ya~ My dear family.. and frens~

Friday, February 5, 2010

Have been attending interviewss...

It was a stressful and tiring process. It wasn't only preparation for the interview itself, but also finding the route, travelling around to the interview venue... Anyway, I believe every interview enhances my ability to handle those kind of situation. I learned not to be "too" nervous tho.

At the same time, I did ask myself which will be my first choice. It turns out with so much curiosity, again. What I could see now are just the physical conditions such as salary and the company's reputation. I would like a work which gives me a great opportunity to develop yet I'm not fully confident, as it seems so fresh for me. I'm keen to begin my career indeed. Hopefully going through all the difficulties and then towards success.

CNY is coming~ After all, I will welcome new page of my life, gratefully =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010









Sunday, January 24, 2010






幸福的事,是你我都健康,简单,开心;还要知足,珍惜 ♥


Tuesday, January 19, 2010






Friday, January 1, 2010



男朋友和他妹妹早就跟我介绍这里的各种美食,所以第一站我们就去吃“鸡粥”和“六味汤”,(。。。 现在才想到忘了拍照)。接着在车上兜了一兜我们兴起的回去换了摩托,前往他们家的水果园参观。好久好久没骑摩托了, 乘着车,吹着风,感觉很轻松,很舒服~~ 这算是我第一次去这种园吧!要穿过一小段橡胶园,凹凸不平的泥路才到达的,有点刺激。一到就看见男朋友的舅舅在树上採"langsat",在那里我第一次见到"langsat"树,可可树,还有百香果和龙珠果。。。 只是他们说,园里的蚊子只对陌生人攻击,我和男朋友都逃不过,被盯得很够力,尤其是我。。。 舅舅还开了榴莲让我们在那里吃,然后再採了一些那里最甜的"langsat"给我们带回家。然后骑着摩托回家。

原本计划晚上喝茶可以吃到我最想念的"roti canai",怎么知道吃完晚餐回家看戏时,我抵挡不了睡意,就这样昏昏欲睡了。。。十二点,2010年到来,朋友们祝贺时,我竟然是在睡梦中。。。=p