Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let GO ... Bad Night

Dreamssss surrounding my sleep last night, bad night. Plus huge traffic jam in the morning, I'm totally exhausted now.

It's my own problem indeed, I knew, I understood. It has been happening last year, perhaps ending now. Sensitive me is the main cause of my bad night.

Let it go, and it wouldn't affect u anyway then. Telling myself,don't get stuck with something meaningless..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Juz got informed that Mango (my ex roomate + ji mui) is going to hospital as she will deliver her baby boy soon~

Feeling excited for her, knowing that she is so afraid of pain, anyway she has to go through, be tough! It's such an important stage of her life. Such a mix of feeling, I've never been through the process, so curious and glad to see her going through all these to be a "woman". Lol... I know she will be a great mom ♥

Lately, seeing touching stories of people,proposal, wedding, giving birth and there is still a long long way to go on together... How lucky for a pair of couple and a family to share their lives like this. But, there are sad stories tho.. How would people forget those precious time when things change over time, in fact people change.. I would have tried to cherish every story of mine, and yours-- my love ones. Hope you do, too.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I hope ♥

I hope I can....

I hope I can be a Professional in my future career~

I hope I can get an Accounting or Finance professional qualification in these 2 years~

I hope I can clear my study loan very soon~

I hope I can have my own car and dream house soon~

I hope to get a new phone~ iphone?

I hope to be slimmer and prettier =P

I hope to be happy everyday, with my love ones ♥