Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mama~

Was so tired after a few days escape from this busy city..

Spending my lovely moments at home sweet home last weekends, celebrating Papa's birthday and early birthday for Mama, too. Papa gave me a kiss when I gave him the birthday present, I remember I was in primary school when he last kissed me before this. SweEt.. Thank you Papa ♥

Mama cooked me her special vege porridge, my favourite. I was surprised when she told me that she was gonna cook this as I've been thinking of eating this when going home! Thank you Mama ♥

At the same time, I treated Grandma and Aunty's family a dinner as I get salary from my first formal job. Grandma specially made me "bak zhang", it is always my favorite one from early childhood, the very familiar and best taste ever. Thank you Popo ♥

My sister, was the one sticking with me all the time. I do hope to bring you over and play around, will be one day, ok? Miss you~

I realized I would only have limited time to stay home as I started to work in a different city. What a sad reality. When first came back here from home, I couldn't sleep well... Homesick... I gotta adapt anyway, recharged and move on!

How I wish I could spend my time with my family all the time. People, you may not feel so, but do appreciate the time you have with your family.

AND, today is a very special day... Happy Birthday to my dearest Mama!!! Wishing you healthy,happy, pretty and young!!! Love you~~