Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm trying and doing my best to go through.. It is so torturing but I know I'm heading to a better future...

Jia you LimJiaYing... Fight the fear!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's been the toughest time I ever had these days...

I'm not the one I used to be, being surrounded with fear and pressures every single second. Back to the root, it's all because of my new job role. There are so much to catch up but the volume of work doesn't give me the chance to learn step by step. It keeps coming and accumulating. I can't breath!

I myself and people around tell me not to push myself so hard, but it's hard to control my emotion. Couldn't sleep well, work request flooded my mind. In fact I didn't really have rest. And, I know there was someone suffering like me. Thank you for the patient and care, and thank you for always be there when I really need you.

It's Friday now, time to relax. I guess I never come through this tough situation and as you said, it's a good experience. I would try my best to go through this hard time, like everyone did =)

By the way, I really miss YOU, my dear family...