Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wellington Life

Just a short post here as I'm totally exhausted!!!

Been to outdoor paintball early in the morning. It was exciting and fun, and painful as I got shot twice on my butt in the last game =.=

Continuing with Bowling.. Then heading to Island Bay for Abalone catching, ended up catching nothing tho...

A full-day activities drives me crazy but also feeling empty after all. I don't know how would I miss Wellington later. Welly is a place apart from the "real" world where I have to face the reality (work, life, future). I've been having 100% fun here, regardless the worries about future. I wish so much to go home, to see my dearest family and friends. That's the time for me to start another page of my life too.

Full of nervous, curiousity... I will be back for that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

♥ An Early Surprise - Emporio Barista Training ♥

I think I should announce here that I'm officially a quallified barista now!! yeah~~ It was a plan from my dear boyfren to get me a barista training as I didn't had a chance to join the training provided by St James.

We both planned for a shopping and coffee day today, indeed he had his own plan... hehehe... I was so excited coz getting my new top for my birthday dinner on this coming Saturday. After shopping we met Fangfang roomate for coffee, that was their trick... I saw Fangfang standing by the street, holding flowers somemore. However, she was known as flower lover, I didn't suspect anything. And then, I found a little box in her hand, explained as her snack for lunch, ok...

We walked towards the cafe which Fangfang recommended, the place looked simple and nice! Well the first thing I did was going to toilet. Surprisingly when I came out, they sang happy birthday song with a small lime meringue pie and flowers on the table. I was so so confused, it's not my birthday! I was even been told that there would be a "present" behind the cafe. They successfully making me surprised and curious. A Kiwi man then brought us walk around and talked about coffee beans. I only realised after the training has started for few minutes, that was the Emporio Barista Training organized by my dear bf!

It was a precious experience~ Although I've been doing coffee while working, this is the real training that gives me a complete idea about coffee making. Thank you NgChenKuan Darling for the great experience which improves me a lot. You always make my world ♥♥