Monday, March 22, 2010


Everything has been going smooth since started working, colleagues and environment seem not bad.

Just... Feeling depressed after something happened this weekend, I got summon of parking beside the road outside the condo I stay. Feeling unsecured to stay alone. I hate the feeling of being alone, frens are around but not "ready" to be aside you anytime. Everyone is busy, has their own businesses. KL isn't big, but to meet up someone just a few km from you isn't easy at all.

Booked flight ticket to go home this end of April, alone. Although we have promised that he would accompany me home whenever possible, I now totally understand the meaning of "reality". There were promises, but when we come to reality, there is no excuse. Blame no one.

Being emo as I feel the reality. Life starts going on as routine but how I wish we could make some days special, instead of loosing the passion in something you did care so much before...

I believe in, life isn't a process to follow, but to CrEaTe.. Do you?

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Life


I'm now in my very brand new life in PJ, Selangor. Working as a Financial Analyst in IBM.

It's juz the first week of my working life. Nothing much to mention about my job, coz i haven't got anything to do. I end up sitting the whole day reading some common documents as the whole department is busy during this closing period.

If I was asked about my feeling of joining the company and my team, I should say I'm lucky so far. It is the environment that I've been looking for, diversified and demanding work, bring good culture, while people are quite friendly. These make me happy and excited to get into my job role.

At the same time, it means a life that I really start by myself, apart from my beloved family. Feeling strange, seems like I'm gonna be apart with my family from now on. I'm a seriously homesick person indeed. Anyway, I will work towards my goal! And also, I will be home anytime when possible!

Miss ya~ My dear family.. and frens~