Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday =)

So, I'm officially 23rd ..

Have been planning to celebrate my birthday at the place where I belong to, and I was back on Friday.

Went to Auto City with Zoe, Mango and others on my birthday eve =)

Before that, make up ourselves at Zoe's house. She passed me the gift that I have been waiting for.. After removing layer and layersss of wrapping papers, I was so surprised of the present =D

Before our drinking session at Tao, Zoe and I went for dinner at Sakae @ Auto City, that was my first time there. Nice environment, a very suitable place for our dinner. And then games and beers at Tao.. I had my wishes with the special cake prepared by Zoe. And then we went to Fuel too.. Felt myself really older till not really adapt to that "clubbing" feel there. We juz sat there and still, games and alcohol. Happenning nite with them, I was happy, hope they were, too =)

Woould like to express my thankssss to my dear fren-- Zoe, for that nite, everything... The gift and cake and the activities, juz as wat I like~ Remember our song 一个像夏天 一个像秋天. You are really the one who understands me the most.. Love you.. Muacksss.. Besides, of coz I wana thank my dear Mango, coz u will kill me if I don't =p Thank you for leaving your baby Amson and come for my bday celebration, thanks to your husband who accompany along too.. Thanks for your time... And Mr Eric, thanks and sorry if I created any problem to you...

Went back on the next day, my birthday.. Celebrate at home with my dearest family =D
Mum and grandma cooked delicious dinner and we had sweet moments at home. Ohoh.. I got very cute present from him too =) Thank you for coming, know you're busy and pressured with work and assignments... Jia You !

Feeling so contended, I had my beloved ones with me for this years' birthday. Ok... I should enjoy my home sweet home time now.. Gd nite~